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The Warning Signs

There are signs that parents and teachers should be aware of to determine whether their child is a target of a school bully. Sudden and uncharacteristic changes in behavior can indicate a child is being harassed or victimized. If there is a suspicion that something is going on, bullying may be a possibility that needs investigation. Keep in mind these warning signs might also be indicative of other problems or issues in a child’s life that are occurring in school or at home.

Specific behaviors include:

  1. Declining grades
  2. Frequent complaints of illness
  3. Becoming withdrawn or depressed
  4. Showing unexplained bruises, or damage to clothes
  5. Beginning to bully others
  6. Becoming aggressive, irritable or quick tempered
  7. Having few or no friends
  8. Making excuses for not wanting to go to school
  9. Nightmares or trouble sleeping
  10. Acting out in the classroom
  11. Talks about dropping out or changing schools
  12. Carries items to protect oneself
  13. Talks about or attempts suicide