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Testimonials from Teachers and Students

If you’ve ever hosted a CAPS prevention-through-education workshop in your classroom and have seen positive results in your students, or heard of a student who had applied what they learned to a bullying situation, please email us!

Comments from education professionals about our programs serve as testimony to their effectiveness… plus help us raise funds that support this work and help keep our student programs free to all Long Island schools. 

Here is a sampling of recent comments:

I am an Assistant Principal at William. S. Mount Elementary School.  Recently, we had the pleasure of having Carroll Perpignano and Jody Tomaszewki teach our 3rd graders about bullying.  The [students] were provided with essential and necessary skills from Steer Clear of Bullies.  I just wanted to take the time to share with you how thankful we are to have had the program in our building, [and] witness [its] positive effects.  Most recently, a boy was being teased on the bus and three girls approached me to share information about what they had heard and noticed.  Not even knowing who the boy was, they decided to come forward and report what was happening.  I had asked them where they learned to speak up for others and the children specifically told me they learned through your program.  Due to the overwhelming success, I had recently asked if we could provide an additional workshop for another grade level.   Thank you for all that you do.  Your work truly makes a difference and impacts our kids.  Janine Farinella, Assistant Principal at William. S. Mount Elementary School


I would like to thank CAPS for all the services that have been provided to the Seaford Harbor and Manor Elementary Schools.  This year we have had the Safety Rules and Friendship Matters visit with our students.  Your volunteers and agency has helped our district, especially during our Red Ribbon week.  Your volunteers are compassionate, skilled and relate to the children.  CAPS agency has provided safety awareness to the children of Seaford.  As the school social worker, CAPS has also provided me with the Caring Kids program that I am now able to use for our younger grades.  It is a beautiful lesson that introduces several important messages.  I am truly grateful for all the hard work and planning that each staff member has provided for our schools.  I hope to work with you in the future and provide any support for CAPS.  Sara Krreitsky, LMSW, School Social Worker, Seaford Schools


The training administered by CAPS with the Wheatley School was a motivational experience that encouraged the student group, myself included, to truly try and make a major impact on the world. Although I strongly believe that no one in that room was a bystander previous to the seminars, I feel that each and every one of us learned something on our year long journey with this program. This includes, but not exclusively, avenues to information on bullying, strategies to help save a life that was in crisis, and a more specific understanding of methods used to prevent and deal with bullying both in the school and the work environment. In addition, Mor Keshet, our representative from the CAPS program, lead us through a journey of deeper understanding. We analyzed different tactics that work and don’t work to handle bullying such as the Zero Tolerance Policy as well as the different avenues where bullying can occur such as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Finally we analyzed what rights parents have into knowing about what goes on in their children’s lives and the influence of peer pressure. Overall, this experience was enlightening and I sincerely hope that we continue this coalition between the Wheatley School and Child Abuse Prevention Services.  Thank You. An 11th grader who participated in a student pilot program at Wheatley School


I am writing to express my appreciation for the SurfSafe program you provided our sixth grade students. There were many positive comments about the quality of your program and the students and staff seemed genuinely interested with the information you presented. This event served an important purpose for our students as it illustrated the dangers associated with the Internet.  In addition, it provided tips and strategies that students could employ to safeguard themselves and others when utilizing these new technologies… I am sure they will remember your very important message as they continue on their life’s journey. Robert Neidig, Assistant Principal, North Country Road Middle School


I am writing to thank you for the great work you do.  We have had the Steer Clear of Bullies and Step Up and Speak Out programs at our school for the past couple of years.  These programs have provided a valuable resource to our district.  I recently attended the Caring Kids workshop…. The Caring Kids program seems to be a wonderful opportunity to teach children valuable skills in bully prevention and I am looking forward to presenting it to the kindergarten and first grade classes in my schools…. I feel it will make a tremendous difference in our communities. Dawn Ragone, School Social Worker, Valley Stream Union Free School District


Thank you so much for coming and speaking to my class.  Thank you for opening up and sharing your experiences in your life.  I too used to be abused but by my stepmother.  Back then I really did think that it was just me who was doing bad.  But now I’ve learned that what me and my sister went through was wrong and you speaking out about child abuse was a reminder and brought back some clarity.  Thankfully now I live with my mother and stepfather, so the abuse was taken care of for me and my sister. A high school student who had participated in a Child Abuse Prevention workshop


Thanks so much for coming to the school and talking to us about things our parents don’t really touch on! You really informed us about things we wouldn’t know.  Its really great that your apart of the program CAPS. You can help children that don’t know how to voice themselves.
A high school student who had participated in a Child Abuse Prevention workshop


Thanks for shareing everything. I’ll do all thows tips you told us to do.  So lets get this straight. Lets see if I can remember some of them, When a bully pushes you don’t fight back, egnore them like their not there, and if that doesn’t work look into there eyes and say stop.
A fourth grade student who had participated in a Steer Clear of Bullies bully prevention program


Thanks so much!  Next time I am being bullied I know how to handle it!  To deal with a bully you need to stick up for yourself!
A fourth grade student who had participated in a Steer Clear of Bullies bully prevention program


I just wanted to thank you for bringing Friendship Matters to our school earlier this month.  After speaking to our fifth graders, it was clear to me they enjoyed the program and felt it was a positive learning experience. Their reaction is a tribute to the fine effort of both volunteer presenters.  Both of these skilled, caring volunteers facilitated lively, healthy discussions in all three of our fifth grade groups.  They made it very comfortable for our students to share feelings and offer their thoughts.  I look forward to utilizing CAPS services in the future.
Edward Kubik, LMSW, Youth & Family Services Coordinator, Connetquot Central School District of Islip


Thank you for coming to our classroom yesterday.  I really got to learn that bullying is a lot more serious thatn I thought it was.  I will not keep my heed up in the protecting myself from danger. I will stick up for others and stop it when people are getting bullied. A sixth grader who had participated in a Step Up and Speak Out bully prevention program


The Helen B. Duffield Elementary School would like to thank you for presenting the cyberSMARTZ program to our fifth grade students.  Our students learned a valuable lesson on cyber-bullying.  The presenters were excellent! Joanne Pisani, MS, Youth & Family Service Coordinator, Helen B. Duffield Elementary School


On behalf of the administration at Shulamith Elementary School, I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshop you presented last week on Friendship Matters at our school.  The girls had the opportunity to reflect on what a good friend is and discuss how to develop such friendships.  Because the groups were small and personal it was a comfortable environment for the girls to express themselves.  We are thankful to you for giving of your free time and focusing on an issue that is so important. Robin Daar, School Social Worker and Tova Bollag, School Guidance Counselor, Shulamith Elementary School


On behalf of the Jackson Avenue Faculty and students, we wish to thank the representatives from CAPS that provided the excellent Bully Prevention program to our fourth grade students.  CAPS representatives, Margaret Blackette and Lou Pfeiffer, were well trained, engaging and provided our students with a thorough and age-appropriate program.  Our teachers were particularly impressed with the program’s focus on the role of the bystander.  The role of the bystander is crucial to establishing a safe environment for students.  This program allowed our teachers and social worker to reinforce our ideas that we have been teaching all along.  While we are fortunate that our school does not have many instances of bullying, we are always looking for ways to reinforce the idea of our school as a community.  Thank you again for providing our students with this wonderful program. Matthew Gaven, Principal, Mineola Public Schools