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Prevention Programs for Parents

CAPS offers programs for parents to help them become more aware of the challenges their elementary or middle school child faces, and keep their child safe from harm. Call 516-621-0552 ext. 104 for information on fees and scheduling a workshop for your parent group (a minimum of 10 adults is required.)


Keeping Kids Safe – A Program for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

With special funding from New York State, CAPS offers a parent workshop, delivered by a bilingual parent educator, to parents living in one of four grant communities on Long Island: Brentwood, Freeport, Elmont and Westbury.

Goals of this workshop include: empowering parents by offering knowledge of parent and child development and how it pertains to expectations and discipline strategies, defining and understanding child abuse and neglect, building and strengthening parent-school relationships, helping parents develop a safety action plan with their children by improving communication about sexual exploitation and abuse, and helping parents identify community resources and opportunities for sustained support.

What Parents Need to Know: Bullying

Programs for Parents

During this multi-media presentation, parents will participate in role play and discussion to learn to offer their children constructive guidance and support when faced with the challenges of bullying.

This program complements CAPS student programs Steer Clear of Bullies for third and fourth grade students, and Step Up and Speak Out for 6th and 7th grade students.

Helping to Steer Clear of Bullies helps to answer such questions as:

  • “Doesn’t my kid have a right to defend himself if he’s being physically
  • “I’ve tried to talk to the school, but nothing happens.”


What Parents Need to Know: Cyber-bullying

helping surf safe

This multi-media presentation addresses the issues of cyber-bullying and exploitation on the Internet. Information will be shared on how we, as parents, can help our children learn to use this valuable technology in a safe, responsible manner.

This program complements CAPS student programs cyberSMARTZ for 5th grade students, and SurfSafe! for 6th through 9th grade students.

This workshop helps to answer such questions as:

  • “How do I know if my child is having problems on line?”
  • “How do I know when it’s time to step in?”


What’s Up With My Daughter?

What’s Up With My Daughter?

Parents are often at a loss for how to help their daughters deal with relational aggression, and daughters are often afraid to talk with their parents for fear that they will make the situation worse. This presentation consists of role play activities, discussion and reflection about relational and physical aggression among girls and shares strategies and tools with mothers and fathers so they can more effectively help their daughters through this often difficult and challenging period.

This workshop complements our Friendship Matters for 5th and 6th grade girls and What’s Up? Girl Talk for 7th and 8th grade girls and helps to answer such questions as:

  • “How am I supposed to compete with the popular media culture for my daughter’s respect and attention?”
  • “I don’t think my daughter is being mean, but she seems so scared to speak up when someone else is being mean. Isn’t that just as bad?”
  • “How do I help my daughter without making the situation worse?”