For Over 37 Years, Long Island's Leading Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Preventing Bullying and Child Abuse

About CAPS Bully Prevention Center

Combating bullying, cyber-bullying and harassment through educational empowerment, dynamic prevention programs and innovative intervention solutions and services.

Bullying is a civil and human rights issue impacting all students and their ability to learn.

Each day there are children who are afraid to go to school—fearful of being bullied and that the merciless harassment, torment, and persecution will never end.

There are untold numbers more who are scarred by witnessing these acts of violence, and remain silent bystanders.

We need to empower these children and their parents.

The CAPS Bully Prevention Center combines our effective bully prevention programs – that aim to help children, parents, and educators – with concrete solutions to deal with this pervasive problem.

Our goals are to:

  • Systemically change the environmental forces that contribute to bullying and harassment.
  • Empower and coach parents and children with the language to resolve off- and on-line cases of bullying.
  • Become a trusted intermediary between the school and family; advocating for those who feel marginalized and disempowered.
  • Safeguard the rights of all those who have been touched or harmed by bullying and harassment.