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Our Programs for Parents

CAPS will offer a number of innovative programs to Long Island parents of bullied children. Our “What Parents Need to Know” workshop series, for parents of elementary and middle school students, complement our student programs and give parents the opportunity to reinforce what their children learn in a CAPS prevention workshop and practice their new-found skills. The programs are available to adult groups of 10 or more. Contact CAPS for information and to schedule a training.

What Parents Need to Know: Bullying teaches parents how to help their child with this challenging issue

What Parents Need to Know: Cyberbullying helps parents reduce their child’s risks online

Enhanced e-mail Helpline, BullyHelpline and live bully phone Helpline respond to parents’ concerns about helping their child who bullies, or is being targeted.

Ombudsman Program*

  • Collaborates with parents and schools towards successful resolution of problems
  • Provides referrals to other services and legal sources
  • Parent Coaching*–guides parents to create an actionable plan to help their child resolve problems.

Parents Against Bullying* advocacy group

*coming soon