For Over 35 Years, Long Island's Leading Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Preventing Bullying and Child Abuse

Message from President of the Board

It is a privilege to serve as the new Board President of Child Abuse Prevention Services and to work alongside board members who share a common commitment to the safety of our children. As the father of three young children who began with CAPS as a volunteer eight years ago, I know personally the impact of CAPS’ work and our role in working together to keep our children safe from harm.

In CAPS’ 35-year history, we have delivered programs to more than 850,000 Long Island school children who have learned strategies to protect themselves. Children have been empowered to step up and speak out against bullying and to stand up for their peers. We have created islands of safety in our classrooms where children learn they can talk about the most sensitive, personal issues. We are a leader in professional development working with school personnel and social workers.

CAPS has accomplished so much, yet there is still much to do. In Nassau and Suffolk each year, almost 600,000 students are enrolled in our schools across Long Island. These are children who could benefit from our child abuse prevention, bully prevention, internet safety, sexual harassment, and date rape prevention programs. CAPS programs have become a necessity and the demand for our programs has increased sharply in recent years. This comes as no surprise as I am sure many of you observe the tragic instances in the news where children fall victim to the perils we work so hard to mitigate.

Touching the lives of all Long Island’s children—classroom by classroom, grade by grade, program by program, community by community—is an ambitious agenda that continually requires time, talent, funding, and the involvement of everyone who cares about our children. Please join with us. Become involved. Share our news on social media. Direct people to us who want to learn more about what we do and contribute.

We are focused and committed, and with your continued support, as well as that of old and new friends who share our mission, we can keep meeting the demands of the children who need us most.

Vincent A. Keaveny
President of the Board