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CAPS Caring Kids™ Program Premiered in Long Island Schools

CAPS premiered the Caring Kids™ program for pre-k and kindergarten in Long Island schools in the Fall of 2018.  A series of interactive lessons on empathy development in young children, Caring Kids™ is presented by school social workers, guidance counselors, and classroom teachers.  The “kit” for the program consists of a friendly 24” puppet, a written curriculum and power point, read-along books, and other supporting materials.

“We believe at CAPS that we can introduce core values of kindness, empathy, and equity to even the youngest of our children.  The Caring Kids™ curriculum helps children regulate their emotions, realize their uniqueness, identify and name feelings, and learn how to effectively respond to unkind behaviors.  This is the beginning of the development of empathy, and the precursor to bully prevention education,” said Alane Fagin, Executive Director of CAPS.

The cost of the program is $250 per kit, which includes professional training.  CAPS MEMBERSHIP schools will receive a 20% discount.  For more information about Caring Kids™, call us at 516.621.0552 ext 301.