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CAPS Volunteer Presenter Reporting of Student Disclosures

Student disclosures serve as testimony to the work that you do as a CAPS Volunteer Presenter, and to the success of our programs.

While each of our workshops yields reports, most often, students feel compelled to come forward during or after a child abuse prevention workshop.

You’ll discover that children disclose abuse both directly and indirectly. They may come to you in private and tell you specifically what’s going on… or they may “hint” that they are experiencing a problem, either verbally or through their body language. No matter how you receive the information, it is important that we know about it to determine whether the incident of concern needs follow up.

In order to ensure consistent and uniform reporting of disclosures, we request that you complete a Volunteer Disclosure Form (link below) each time you receive a disclosure.

Of course, continue to call Patti Cathers, Director of Program and Volunteer Services with any immediate concern you may have at 516-621-0552 ext. 307 or email her at

Volunteer Disclosure Form

SafetyRules! Disclosure Form