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CAPS Speakers Bureau

Learn more about the issues of bullying, cyberbullying, child abuse and neglect, and about our work by inviting a CAPS speaker to your next meeting.



Are you planning a Faculty In-Service or a Superintendent’s Day Conference for your school or district? Or coordinating speakers for a professional education event? CAPS offers fee-based, on-site staff development and professional educations programs on the subjects we specialize in: child abuse and neglect, bullying and cyberbullying prevention, Internet safety and sexual harassment. Call 516-621-0552 ext. 104 for more information.

About the Presenters:

Alane Fagin, MS, is a Child Development Specialist with a Masters Degree in Child Development. She has been the Executive Director of CAPS since its inception in 1982, and led it to become Long Island’s leading organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect. An Adjunct Assistant Professor at Hofstra University for the past 20 years, she teaches courses on child abuse, abduction and violence prevention. Alane has authored several articles on child abuse and neglect and contributed a chapter to the textbook “Teaching Children about Health” (Morton, second edition, 2003). She is an active board member and participant on Long Island coalitions, task forces and advisory committees on youth violence, child abuse, and family violence, has presented workshops on these issues at conferences across the country, and is frequently contacted by television, radio and print media as an expert resource. As an expert in the field, she has been interviewed by local and network radio and television stations including Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, WCBS Channel 2, the NY Times, and Newsday. Ms. Fagin was recently appointed to the NYS Dignity for All Students (Dignity Act) Task Force to guide implementation of this critical bullying legislation effective July 2012.

Patricia Cathers, LMSW has been the Director of Program and Volunteer Services for the past 12 years. She is the primary author and researcher of CAPS’ child abuse and child safety workshops and curricula, and trains K-12 school personnel on youth violence prevention, bully prevention and intervention, and other child safety topics. As an expert in the field, she has been interviewed by local and network radio and television stations, the NY Times, and Newsday. She is a W. Burghart Turner Fellow at SUNY at Stony Brook, and worked for the Nassau County Department of Social Services, specializing in child welfare, prior to joining CAPS.

A Sampling of Patti Cathers’ Past Presentations:

Learning CURVE: Unequal Education, School Discipline and School Financial Oversight. WLIW21 Public Television – panelist on school discipline segment – October 19, 2004

Students Victimized By Students: Bullying, Harassment and Hazing, Community Relations and Public Education Committee and the Nassau Academy of Law – November 20, 2003.

Child Abuse with the God Squad, Telecare Television Studios – March 2002.

Presidential Statement regarding the FCC’s findings on Violence and the Media with President Clinton. JCC of Mid Westchester – 9/11/2000.

Life Through A Woman’s Eyes – Topic-Bullying, Telecare Television Studios– October 10, 2007

How to Create a Bully Free School, Council of Administrators and Supervisors. – 10/14/2010;

How to Create a Bully Free School, Deer Park Schools Administrative Conference – 11/18/2010.

How to Create a Bully Free School, NYSIR Wright Risk Management – 4/6/2011

Cyberbullying Strategies for Prevention and Intervention, St. Johns University Conference – 4/29/2011



As a service of our Bully Prevention Center, we provide prevention workshops for parents that speak to the issues of bullying, cyberbullying and relational aggression among school-age children. Parents will learn proven methods and bully-proofing strategies to help their child deal with difficult situations and feel safer in school. Workshops typically run 75 minutes and include a video and 30 minutes for Q&A. Topics include Bullying: What Parents Need to Know, Cyberbullying: What Parents Need to Know, Relational Aggression: What Parents Need to Know.

About the Presenter:


Mor Keshet, MPS, LCAT is the Coordinator of the CAPS Bully Prevention Center and responds to inquiries, from kids and adults from around the world, to the CAPS BullyHelpline. As a licensed therapist, she has worked extensively with at-risk youth and families, and specializes in bullying and cyber-bullying issues among school-age children. She provides parents, educators and kids with support and the tools they need to respond to and cope with bullying and cyberbullying situations. Call Mor at 516-621-0552 ext. 109 to make arrangements for your parent education program at least one month in advance of your meeting.

Awesome presentation! Mor was exceptional. She gave a clear and concise workshop with tools that
counselors can use to help our students regarding this issue.
Workshop participant in Cyberbullying:
How to Respond to the Needs of Students and Parents


Participation in Career /
Volunteer / College / Community Fairs

Invite CAPS to your organization’s next meeting. Service clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Club, churches, synagogues, professional organizations, businesses and colleges will learn what CAPS is all about, and hear what services we provide to your local community that help prevent child abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, relational aggression, sexual harassment and date rape among school-age children. The presentation is free of charge, lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes a five minute video.

We are also happy to participate in your next fair to create awareness of the issues we represent and discuss our volunteer and college internship opportunities. Many of our most valuable volunteers have come to us through community/college and career fairs.

About the Presenter:

Outreach Specialist Betty Gross has been touring Long Island and representing CAPS in the community for the past 7 years. She is an Industrial Psychologist with an MBA, and will customize her presentation to your group’s particular interests. Call Betty at 516-621-0552 ext. 107 to make arrangements and select a topic at least two weeks in advance of your event.

We were so pleased to hear Betty Gross speak at our Sunday meeting last week. It was most informative and encouraging to know that you are doing so very much to protect the children. We have all been struggling with the good and the bad resulting from the use of computers particularly among the young and have felt so helpless. Keep up your wonderful work. Muriel Neufeld, Program Chairperson, Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island