For Over 37 Years, Long Island's Leading Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Preventing Bullying and Child Abuse

CAPS History/Reflections from Executive Director

In 1982, the founding Board of Directors of CAPS and I began a journey of working together to keep every child safe from harm.

Our beginnings were humble but inspiring:  CAPS was born as a coalition between the Junior League of LI and the National Council of Jewish Women, two large volunteer organizations committed to the well-being of children.

From my dining room table and the trunk of my car, with the support of our legislators, community leaders, educators, concerned parents, and a dedicated corps of volunteer classroom presenters, CAPS was able to expand its reach.  While at the outset our focus was strictly that of child abuse prevention, today our programs have expanded to include bullying and cyberbullying prevention, sexual harassment and date rape education, internet safety programs, and Restorative Practices education for school administrators and staff .  Our Bully Prevention Center, launched in 2010, not only provides helpline support on bullying issues, but also dynamic prevention programs and innovative intervention solutions to those dealing with this pervasive problem.

We have reached over one-million children in grades K-12 with CAPS programs.  Our core focus remains strong—to keep every child safe from harm starting with early education.  Our mission of “Prevention through Education” is the catalyst to encourage student-led movements for school safety.  Building on the “see something, say something” theory, our curriculum is proactive, interactive, and empowering.

I thank you for your support these past decades, and look forward to continuing on our journey together as we work to accomplish our important mission.

Alane Fagin, MS

Executive Director