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Bully Prevention Contest Poetry Winners

Congratulations to the elementary school students who submitted their anti-bullying poems to the annual CAPS Bully Prevention Poster and Poetry Contest!  Their poems are an expression of their own personal experiences with bullying in school, and are published in the CAPS Bully Prevention School Year Calendar, which is available by request.  Click here to see the winning bully prevention posters.


Published in the 2011-2012 School Year Calendar, available September 2011

At Least Try
by Katherine B., Grand Prize Winner, Grade 4, Locust Valley Intermediate School

You should do something, at least try.
Because that bully is making that little girl cry.

What if it were you being bossed around?
What if it were you being pushed to the ground?

Don’t let that little girl go home sad.
All you have to do is cheer her up, make her glad.

You are bullying her by watching it, but not getting help.
Don’t let the bully make that little girl scream or yelp!

Don’t let her be hurt outside or in.
The last thing you want to do is let that bully win.


The Bully
by Gabrielle C., First Prize Winner, Grade 4, Pasadena Elementary School

The bully teases me everyday
The bully doesn’t let me play
The bully doesn’t even try
The bully simply makes my cry
The bully feels very cool
I think I want to transfer schools
Sometimes the bully feels so tall
She makes me feel very small.

Bullies Beware
by Annabella DC., First Prize Winner, Grade 4, Old Country Road School

Bullying happens everywhere.
Unfortunately, many kids are hurt and afraid.
Let someone know about your pain.
Letting it go is not ok.
You have the power to tell.

Published in the 2010-2011 School Year Calendar

by Anne R., Grand Prize Winner, Grade 4, Locust Valley Intermediate School

I’ve been bullied and it makes me mad.
Sometimes I come home and cry to my mom and dad.

I think school is a great place
but not when someone makes fun of me to my face.

I try to be nice to everyone I know
even when I get made fun of just for show.

Being bullied will never stop me.
To be the best person I can be.

I know that one day everyone will finally see
how it truly feels to be me.

It can make you angry, sad and even bad,
But at the end of the day it makes me glad
to know that I am a stronger person because of it even though it makes me mad.

Don’t Be a Bully
by James R., Grand Prize Winner, Grade 4, Locust Valley Intermediate School

Being bullied is not fun,
especially when you’re the only one.

Picking on kids is completely uncool,
particularly when you’re in school.

Going to school and being afraid,
isn’t a fun way to spend your day.

Don’t bully others just to feel good,
if you don’t want to feel like they would.

When you see someone being bullied
stop them and say,

“Hey, I bet you wouldn’t like it the other way.
So cut it out and let’s go play!”


The Bully in My School
by Casey B., First Prize Winner, Grade 4, Gardiners Avenue School

He pulls my hair, he spits on me and doesn’t follow rules
Who would do this? Someone cruel: The Bully in My School.

He chases me, he picks on me, he even rips my clothes.
He treasures my reaction when my angry weakness shows.

When I say stop he doesn’t halt in his spot.
Instead he trips me when I walk and then away he trots.

I used the C.L.E.A.R.* strategies and they did make a change.
The bully doesn’t pick on me and stays in farther range.

*from the CAPS Steer Clear of Bullies program for grades 3 and 4


Published in the 2009-2010 School Year Calendar

by Melissa W., Grand Prize Winner, Grade 4, Stewart Manor School, Stewart Manor, NY

Bullies are so mean,
They can make you scream.

Bullies are so bad,
They make you feel very sad.

Bullies don’t care who they hurt,
Whenever you’re around them you must be alert.

They will tease you and taunt you and make you feel small,
As if you haven’t any feelings at all.

So never be a bully, or let anyone bully you.
Stand up for yourself and others.
It’s a very brave thing to do!


Ban the Bully
by Anne E., First Prize Winner, Grade 5, North Shore Hebrew Academy
, Great Neck, NY

Don’t hide,
Just because of a bully’s snide.

Stand tall,
And you will not feel small.

A bully is a person who is really weak inside,
So if you are having trouble with one,
In an adult you should confide.

Alternately you should realize a bully is a jerk,
And if you and your friends ignore him,
He will see that bullying does not work.


Being Bullied
by Leila E., First Prize Winner, Grade 4, John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Great Neck, NY

My heart is broken, I am sad
I’m being bullied, what a drag

Another day, one less smile
A bully’s been teasing me for awhile

A tear rolls down my eye as I cry
Oh, how I wish to be free from the bullies’ lies

It’s not fair to be bullied,
I did nothing wrong

It’s time to stop the bully,
once and for all.