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Every Child Has the Right to Feel Safe in School, at Home, Online and in the Community

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In every classroom, 2 to 3 children spend their day afraid of being bullied; 160,000 kids in the US stay home from school for fear of being bullied.

Bullying can occur anywhere. In the classroom, hallway, on a school bus, in isolated areas in the school, during a walk home, at after-school activities.

The Internet creates unlimited opportunities for kids to harass and retaliate. With just a click, a child can spread gossip, rumors, threats and racy images instantly and irreversibly – switching roles from cyber-bully to victim and back, over and over again.

We all have a role to play to keep our children safe from bullying and cyber-bullying. We need to empower children who are targeted by bullies and their parents, and activate the bystanders who witness the harassment and remain fearfully silent. We need to change the way bullies react and redirect negative behaviors into more positive, productive approaches. We need to make sure that schools are safe learning environments where all children are respected, valued and protected.

The CAPS Bully Prevention Center was created as a support and resource, helping children, parents, teachers and the community work together to keep children safe from harm.

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