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Are You Being Abused?

You may have a feeling that something is not quite right… but you’re not sure. Read through these descriptions and if any apply to you it’s time to tell an adult you trust. If you are too scared or uncomfortable to tell someone you know, you can call the hotline for kids: 1-800-4-A-CHILD and a Childhelp Hotline Counselor will help you.


Abuse is another word for hurting someone. Hitting and unwelcome touches can be kinds of abuse. Abuse is when an older child or adult hurts you physically, emotionally or sexually.

Physical abuse includes hitting very hard, sometimes with a fist or with an object, shaking, pinching and any other behavior that hurts your body.

Emotional abuse includes being called bad names over and over again, being locked in a closet or other dark room, and other forms of behavior that places a danger to your emotional well being.

Sexual abuse is sexual contact and/or activity between an adult or older child and a child. It’s never OK for an adult to touch your private parts except to keep you healthy and clean.

Neglect is the failure to provide basic needs for a child. Neglect includes failure to provide you with shelter, nutritional food, proper clothing, supervision and medical care.

Want to learn more about things like what to do if someone makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe and what personal safety rules are? Ask for your free copy of Safety Rules! Staying Safe When You’re In, Out and All About written especially for kids ages 6, 7 and 8.