For Over 37 Years, Long Island's Leading Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Preventing Bullying and Child Abuse

About CAPS

About CAPS


Working together to keep every child safe from harm.

CAPS/Bully Prevention Center (Child Abuse Prevention Services) is Long Island’s leading non-profit dedicated to the prevention of bullying, cyber-bullying, child abuse and neglect, and the only volunteer organization that works directly with children and youth in New York’s Nassau and Suffolk elementary, middle and high schools.

Since our inception, CAPS has reached over one million Long Island students, parents, educators, professionals and concerned community through education and awareness programs.

Thousands more call upon CAPS as an expert resource on bullying/cyber-bullying, child abuse prevention, Internet safety, relational aggression, and sexual harassment and date rape prevention.

Our Helpline receives hundreds of calls and emails each year from children and parents looking for advice about bullying and abuse.

As bullying, child abuse and neglect continue to take a toll on our youth and impact society, we ask you to join us as volunteers, community partners, sponsors and allies in pursuit of our mission: working together to keep every child safe from harm.

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