For Over 30 Years, Long Island's Leading Organization Dedicated to Preventing Bullying and Child Abuse

Message from the President of the Board

Over 30 years ago, a small group of caring individuals had a vision to establish a source of support and education to prevent child abuse and keep Long Island’s children safe.

Fast forward to 2014, CAPS is Long Island’s leading non-profit dedicated to the prevention of bullying, child abuse, and neglect, and the only volunteer organization that works directly with children and youth in New York’s Nassau and Suffolk elementary, middle, and high schools.

Today, bullying is as prevalent as ever, perhaps even more so. Bullying is no longer limited to the playground at lunchtime or in the hallways between classes, and students can no longer leave bullies behind when they go home from school each afternoon. Technology has changed that, and in the era of social media and smart phones, bullies have access to their victims through cyberspace 24-hours a day.

Because bullying is so difficult to escape, it imperative that we work together and take a strong stand to prevent bullying, harassment, abuse, and other kinds of emotional and physical violence in any place where we leave our kids. At CAPS, we believe that education is the key to prevention. Since our inception, CAPS has reached over 650,000 Long Island students, parents, educators, professionals, and concerned community members through education and awareness programs.

When we work together to address and stop harmful behavior, our families, schools, and communities become safer, more joyful, and more effective environments for our children. It is a distinct privilege to be the Board President and to serve alongside members of a board who share a common commitment of ensuring that CAPS continues to be a true resource for our children and our schools. I urge you to help us continue to provide these services and programs, as we need your support. To learn more about our upcoming fundraising events or to become a volunteer, please  contact us.

Patrick McCormick, President of the Board